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How to Make a Payment with NetCents


This article explains what users and clients see from their perspective when completing a transaction using the NetCents payment platform.

As long as you have funds in your eWallet, you will be able to complete a payment to any merchant.

On the checkout page, after you have clicked that you will pay with digital currency, you will see a QR code and an address. You will also be able to see the exact amount that you need to pay. Please make sure to add any mining fees on top of the amount owed.

There are two options to pay:

Scan the QR Code - if you choose to scan the QR code, the payment will be instantly opened in your eWallet with the correct address and amount. Most phones allow you to scan a QR code by aiming your phone’s camera at the computer screen. Once you do this, you’ll be automatically prompted to open the transaction in your eWallet. If you’re completing the transaction on your phone, simply click on the QR code.

Send the payment manually - if you choose to send the payment manually, copy the exact address listed in your checkout page. Next, paste the URL into your eWallet’s Send page. Confirm the payment details and then send the payment. This will look slightly different based on the type of eWallet you’re using.

For NetCents users:

As long as you have funds in your eWallet, you’ll be able to complete a payment to any merchant.

  1. Different types of merchants will display the transaction differently. Usually, you will see options to pay with digital currency alongside traditional payment methods. In this case, we’ll select that we’re paying with bitcoin.



2. You should see a button letting you know that you’ll be paying with NetCents. If the merchant is using another digital currency processor, you should still be able to complete the payment.




3. You’ll then be brought to the next page where you’ll see a QR code and address. You can now open up your NetCents app and click on pay in the bottom center of the screen. As long as you have sufficient funds in your account, the payment will go through.


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