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How to deposit funds into your NetCents account


Fiat Currency: A government-issued currency like USD, CAD or EUR.

Flexipin: A prepaid voucher that lets you make online payments. Sold at a variety of locations globally.

E-transfer: A funds transfer service between personal and business accounts at Canadian banks.

Wire Transfer: A global electronic transfer from one bank or credit union to another.

Exchange: An online platform where you can buy, sell, and trade digital currency.


In order to buy digital currency on the NetCents Exchange, you’ll first need to load a fiat currency into your NetCents Wallet. If you already have digital currency in a different eWallet, click here to learn about how to transfer it to your NetCents Wallet.

Once fiat funds are in your account, you can use them to buy digital currency on the NetCents Exchange.

The following guide will lead you through depositing your fiat funds:

Once you’ve logged into your personal account, click on eWallet



Scroll down to see the list of currencies supported on the NetCents Exchange.


Click on the fiat currency you want to load, and you’ll see the following options: deposit, withdraw, transfer and activity. Click on the first option - deposit.


Depending on the location of your company and the currency you want to deposit, you’ll see different options for loading funds. For example, if you want to load USD or EUR into your eWallet, you’ll need to send us a wire transfer.




If you want to load CAD into your eWallet, there are three different options to do so - e-transfer, wire transfer, or flexepin. While NetCents does not have a maximum amount you can deposit, your bank may have a maximum for daily e-transfers. As well, the maximum deposit for flexepin is $1000.



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