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Wire Transfer


To transfer funds through a wire transfer you will need: 
Account Name, Address, Bank Name, Bank Address, SWIFT, ACCOUNT Number, Reference Number, and Reference Code. All of this information can be found in the Deposit > Wire Transfer section of your NetCents Account, detailed instructions for finding this information can be found here
   * Please note that:

 The “Reference code” must be included in order to properly identify the deposit to your account.

Daily or Monthly funding limits should not be exceeded, if they are your account may be frozen until your account is verified for higher limits or the funds are returned. 

Multiple deposits of the same amount within a short period (a few days) may be delayed. If you are required to make multiple similar deposits in a short period, consider varying the amount to ensure funds are properly and promptly deposited.

Locating Wire-Transfer information

  1. Log into your NetCents account 
  2. Navigate to your eWallet and select the local fiat currency the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Deposit
  4. Once you select Wire Transfer, you will find all the payment details (Note that your “Reference code” will be unique to your account.)



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