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Adding a Bank Account to your NetCents Account


To deposit or withdraw funds to and from your NetCents account you will need to add a bank account to your NetCents. To set up your bank account within your NetCents account you will require the following: Bank Name, Transit No., Institution ID, Account Number and Account type. This information is available on your bank statements, cheques or directly from the bank itself.

Once you have gathered the required information the setup within your NetCents account is very straightforward.

Step 1. Log into your NetCents eWallet:

Step 2. Click on 'Settings' in the top menu. 
Then click on 'Bank Accounts' in the left side menu. 



Step 3. Click the the white box, 'Add Account'. 
Select your currency in the pop up. 



Step 5. Enter your bank account details and click 'Submit'.
This saves your bank account and enables it for withdrawals. 




You can add more bank accounts in this section whenever you want. Just click the blue + on the right hand side of the screen. 



To find out how to withdraw funds to your bank account, click here.


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