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Interac e-Transfer


You are also able to load your Account through Interac e-Transfers and have NetCents directly deposit the funds into your account. 

In order to send the Interac e-Transfer, you will need both your NetCents account name and account ID in order for the funds to transmit. Both these pieces of information (NetCents account name and account ID) are required to be included in the message of the transfer to ensure that the funds are credited to the proper account.

The receiving email address for your Interac e-Transfer is:

Complete the security question with “company name” and the password with “netcents” (lower case for both).

Step 1. Log into your NetCents account.

Step 2. Navigate to eWallet

Step 3: Select your local Fiat currency

Step 4: Select Deposit

Step 5. Select e-Transfer

 Note: Your NetCents username is the name that you use to log in and can also be found in the “Profile” section of your NetCents account. Your account ID can be found following the steps here.

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