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Setting up I.P. Address Confirmation


I.P. address confirmation adds an additional layer of security to your NetCents account with the added benefit of peace of mind. This security setting is useful when you access your NetCents account from a single location. To enable this security setting, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Log into your NetCents Account.

Step 2. Navigate to the user icon in the top right corner and select Profile.

Step 3. On the Profile page, select the box labeled Security Settings and toggle the button next to New IP Confirmation.

Step 4. To enable, select Submit then update where prompted.

Step 5. You will be logged out of your account and sent a follow-up email.

Step 6. On the email associated with your account, select the link to confirm your I.P. address

Step 7. Confirm your I.P. address on the NetCents site

Step 8. You will receive confirmation of your I.P. address and can now log on from only the confirmed I.P. address






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