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Two-Factor Authentication through TOTP


In order to enable and use Two-Factor Authentication through TOTP on your NetCents account, you will be required to download your preferred TOTP authentication app before following these steps below.

* It is important to note that when enabling two-factor authentication with TOTP authentication the device that you are using to log in to your NetCents account and the device that your authentication app is running on must be in the same time zone and displaying the same time. If your devices time/time zones do not match you may experience issues with your account authenticating your code.

  1.  Download and install your preferred TOTP authentication app
  2. Log into your NetCents Account
  3. Navigate to and select user icon in top right corner 
  4. Select Profile
  5. Navigate to “Two-Factor Authentication” in Profile and select Enable
  6. When prompted, select Google Authenticator then select Submit.
  7. A QR code will be generated that you can scan with your TOTP
  8. Alternately you may select Manual Entry and enter the code when prompted in your TOTP application. Ensure to enable “time-based” in your TOTP application.
  9. Select Submit once your Application has accepted the QR or manual entry code 
  10. On the following screen provide the verification code generated by your TOTP application and select Enable.
  11. You will receive confirmation that your authentication has been added.
  12. You are now able to log into your NetCents account using your username and password followed by the authentication code generated by your TOTP application!
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