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Two-Factor Authentication


NetCents has made 2 Factor Authentication available for users wishing additional security on their accounts. This is an additional level of security that ensures only your or parties you have verified are able to access your account.

For this new method of user verification, a code generated for each login attempt will need to be provided in order to log into your NetCents account. This code can be generated through a preferred TOTP application that is linked to your account or sent through email to the address set up in your NetCents account.

Alternately you are able to disable any second level of authentication if you prefer. We have set this last option as the default, so you only have two-factor authentication if you choose. Below you can find detailed instructions on setting up and logging in with the different methods of authentication as well as disabling it if you prefer.

A few important things to note about these features:
  1. No 2 Factor Authentication is enabled by default. They must be configured
  2. Email verification codes are valid for a period of 15 minutes
  3. A maximum number of 3 failed attempts are allowed before your account is locked
  4. If selecting TOTP authentication, you are required to download a TOTP application on your mobile
 5. The device that you log into your NetCents account on must match the timezone and time of the device that your authentication application is running on.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication through TOTP app
Log into your account with TOTP Two-Factor Authentication
Setting up Two-Factor Authentication through email verification 
Log into your account with email verification
Disabling Two-Factor Authentication in your NetCents Account


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