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Disabling 2-Factor Authentication on your NetCents account


If you have already enabled Two-Factor Authentication in your NetCents account you still maintain the control to disable it as you see fit. These options are disabled by default but can be disabled again after enabling. In order to remove Two-Factor Authentication through TOTP or Email verification, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your NetCents Account
  2. Select the user icon in top right corner and select Profile
  3. Navigate to the box labeled, Security Settings and select the update link next to “Two-Factor Authentication.”
  4. You will be prompted to enter your current authentication code to confirm disabling
  5. Once current authentication code is entered, select Disable
  6.  You will receive confirmation that Two-Factor Authentication has been disabled
  7. You are now able to log into your account with only your username and password

* It is important to note that when enabling two-factor authentication with TOTP authentication the device that you are using to log in to your NetCents account and the device that your authentication app is running on must be in the same time zone and displaying the same time. If your devices time/time zones do not match, you may experience issues with your account authenticating your code.

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