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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the exchange?

The NC Exchange can be used to buy or sell NetCents Coins (NCCO) directly from other users with your local currency, BitcoinLitecoin or Ethereum.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, visit the exchange from the NetCents Accounts Page ( and use the market drop down in the top right to select the currency pair you would like to trade. From here, scroll down to see the order form and enter the following information.

  • Select if you would like to buy or sell NCCO
  • Enter the quantity of NCCO
  • Choose whether you would like to place a market or limit order (described below)
  • If placing a limit order, enter a price
  • Click submit, verify the order details in the modal dialogue and click accept to confirm

For detailed instructions on placing market orders click for BUY or SELL
For detailed instructions on placing limit orders click for BUY or SELL

What’s the difference between a market and a limit order?

A market order is processed immediately at the best available price if sufficient orders exist to fill it. If a market order is unable to be filled immediately it will be cancelled and no funds charged.

A limit order allows users to set a min or max price they wish the trade to execute at for a sell or buy order respectively. Once placed a limit order will be matched against counter orders, if applicable, and then added to the order book. Limit orders will remain pending until filled or cancelled. There is no guarantee the order will completely fill or even fill at all. Follow these links for further information on market and limit orders. 

Are there fees for placing orders on the exchange?

There will be a fee of 0.25% applied to each trade on the exchange. If you cancel an order before it’s executed, all held funds will be returned to your account.

What do the numbers in the ticker mean?

All values in the ticker are specific to the current market. The NetCents exchange operates on Eastern Time.

  • Today’s Open: price per NCCO in the most recent trade
  • Today’s High: price of highest trade since midnight
  • Today’s Low: price of lowest trade since midnight
  • Change: Difference between current price and price of last trade of previous day (close)
  • Market Cap: a representation of total value of all NCCO, calculated by current price multiplied by number of available NCCO
  • Volume: the sum of all NCCO traded in the last 24 hours
  • Further information on the market ticker can be found here.

What does the price volume chart represent?

The price volume chart shows a graphical representation of historical trades in a given market. Each candlestick represents values for the open, high, low, and close for the given interval and these values can be seen by hovering over a point. For more information on candlestick charts visit investopedia. The columns at the bottom represent the volume of NCCO traded during that interval. The drop-down selector can be used to choose different intervals for the data. Further information on the price volume chart can be found here.

What does the market depth chart represent?

The market depth chart shows the cumulative volume of orders in NCCO for a given price level. The left side displays the volume of buy orders and the right-side displays sell orders. Further information on the market depth chart can be found here.

What do the buy and sell orders tables represent?

These tables show information about the pending orders for the current market. Each row contains information about a given price:

  • Amount: Sum of quantity for all orders at this price
  • Total cost: Quantity multiplied by price
  • # Buyers/Sellers: Number of users that have an order at this price, an icon will be displayed next to this number when you have a pending order at this price

 For further information on the order tables click here.

Can I see my past and pending orders?

From any market on the exchange click the Orders button next to the market drop down. A list of all your orders will be displayed, sorted by the time they were placed. You can use the drop downs in the header row to filter by market, order type or order status. For detailed instructions on viewing past and pending orders click here.

How do I cancel an order?

Visit the Orders page by clicking the button at the top of the exchange next to the market, find the order you want to cancel, click the ‘X’ and then accept. On a mobile device, you will need to click the ‘+’ icon on the left to display details and then click the cancel button. To view detailed instructions on cancelling an order click here.

Note: Order cancellations will be processed in the order they reach the server and it is possible for an order to be partially or completely filled before it is cancelled.

Can I modify an order?

As the exchange is always live, it is not possible to modify an order… you can, however, submit an order for cancelling as described above and then submit a new order.



What is the difference between balance and available balance?

Funds that are on order on the NC Exchange are deducted from your available balance but still count towards total balance.


How do I deposit funds?

From the dashboard select the currency you would like to deposit and click the load funds square, for CAD you may optionally choose to load using a flexepin voucher. For fiat currencies, you will be shown the relevant options and details. For detailed instructions on depositing funds click E-transfer, wire transfer, cryptocurrency or flexepin.


For cryptocurrencies, a modal will appear with a QR code and an address. Funds transferred to the address shown will be credited to you NetCents account once confirmed on the blockchain.


How do I transfer funds?

To withdraw cryptocurrencies, click the account you wish to withdraw from, click the transfer square and then transfer to external user. Enter the amount and the address you wish to transfer too, additionally for bitcoin transactions you may select the fee level which may affect the time taken for the transaction to be confirmed. Please note cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed immediately and are irreversible so ensure you have entered the correct details. It should also be noted that when withdrawing Ethereum, you must withdraw to regular wallet address and not a smart contract address. For further information on withdrawing funds from your NetCents account click for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies

To withdraw fiat currencies, you must have a bank account associated with your account for the given currency. To add a bank account, select the user icon in the top right corner and click profile. Click add bank account, choose the currency you wish to use this account for and complete the form. For detailed instructions on adding a bank account to your NetCents account click here.

 Once you have added a bank account, from the dashboard click the account you would like to withdraw from, click withdraw funds, withdraw to bank account. Enter the amount, select the bank account you would like to withdraw to and click submit. Canadian withdrawals are automatically processed and should arrive in your account in 2-4 business days. International wires will be processed promptly but may take up to 7 business days to reach your account. 

How do I change my password?

To change your password, select the user icon in the top right corner and click profile. On the left, there is a password field and an edit link, select this and a form will be shown prompting for your current password and a new password. For detailed instructions on changing your password click here.

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