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Withdrawing Cryptocurrencies to an External User


**Please note that we only do Ether withdrawals and deposits from regular addresses, we do not support smart contracts

Within the NetCents platform, you are able to transfer your digital cryptocurrencies to external wallets that are not within the NetCents platform. In this article, we will cover the steps required to transfer these funds. Please note that the steps for each cryptocurrency are the same and there is a minimum transfer amount.  It should also be noted that when withdrawing Ether, you must withdraw to regular wallet address and not a smart contract address.

Step 1. Log into your NetCents account and navigate to eWallet

Step 2. Select your desired currency to withdraw

Step 3. Select the box labeled Withdraw

Step 4. Enter the address of the external user you wish to withdraw the funds to as well as the amount of the withdrawal, then click submit 

Step 5. Confirm the amount and destination of the withdrawal followed “Submit”

**Please know that the maximum crypto amount you will be able to withdraw (Daily Limits for withdrawals) is the equivalent of $50,000 CAD


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