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Withdrawing Fiat Currencies


In order to withdraw funds to your bank account, you have to first add your bank account to your NetCents eWallet. For detailed instructions on how to do that, click here.

All currencies must be withdrawn to a corresponding bank account, for example, all CAD withdrawals must be withdrawn to a Canadian bank account. Once you have a bank account added to your NetCents account follow the steps outlined below to withdraw your fiat currency.


Step 1. Log into your NetCents eWallet:
Scroll down to the currencies list. Click the currency you want to withdraw and select ‘Withdraw’.



Step 2. Select your bank account in the drop down menu. 
Enter the amount you want to withdraw. 




Step 3. Confirm the withdraw.  
A confirmation box will pop up, double-check that all the information is right, then authenticate the withdraw with your two-factor authentication method. 



* Please Note:

  • Depending on your selected currency there will be a minimum withdrawal amount as well as banking fees for any international transfers. 
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is: $5.00 CAD, $50.00 USD or €50.00
  • Amount entered must include the amount of the fee in addition to the desired withdrawal amount


CAD Fees:  
1.5% in addition to amount requested

US Fees:
1.5% in addition to amount requested, minimum fee of $15

European Fees: 
1.5% in addition to amount requested, minimum fee of $15

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