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NetCents Order Books Explained


When placing buy/sell orders on the NetCents exchange, you are able to see any pending buy and sell orders from other users on the NetCents exchange. The order books are unique to the market selected and will display the price offered for the currency, the amount offered in the counter order, the total cost of the bid and the number of buyers/sellers at this price point. Buy orders are arranged by price, descending from highest to lowest price offered. While sell orders are arranged ascending from lowest to highest price point offered.

If you have any pending orders in the order books they will display a small user icon next to the number of buyers or sellers respectively to represent your pending orders at that particular price point.


This feature is useful when placing limit buy/sell orders as it will show you what the trends for the buy/sell orders other users have placed as well as if there are any sellers/buyers within your price requirements.

It is important to check the order books when placing a buy/sell order with the market option. When placing a market order the transaction will immediately process for the highest priced current bid if there are sufficient counter offers.  

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