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The NetCents Coin (NCCO) differs from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in a number of ways. Unlike other cryptocurrencies NCCO is backed by the treasury reserve, this allows the coin to maintain integrity and allows for stable coin pricing. Based on a multichain as opposed to the blockchain used by numerous other crypto currencies. NCCO ensures that the multichain can only be managed by selected participants, only the transactions of interest are included on the blocks and allows for a higher degree of control over the overall cost of operations. These features allow the NetCents Coin to get rid of the traditional methods of coin mining providing a higher usability, accessibility and stability to the coin as well as a controlled method of coin release as opposed to the blockchain where new coins are generated as a reward to miners for processing transactions. A higher degree of control over access to the multichain allows for unverified or questionable transactions to be omitted, attack, fraud, collusion and risk resistance networks, and increased privacy for users while still maintaining a public ledger.

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