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Setting Up Your personal NetCents Account


Every user on the NetCents exchange must have an account to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. To quickly set up your NetCents account, follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Navigate to portal page and select sign up. The main login screen can be found here.

Step 2. Complete the fields and provide all requested information 

Step 3. Read Terms and Conditions and Check the acknowledgement box.

Step 4. Select create user

Step 5. Check the email account you used to sign up with. If you don’t see an email, ensure to check your spam folder.

Step 6. Confirm your account by clicking on the link

Step 7. Sign in to your NetCents account with your email and the password you chose

Step 8. Select your country

Step 9. Provide your details. Including address and contact number followed by selecting appropriate security questions and answers (ones that you will remember). Then choose and enter a 4-digit Pin. Please save this pin, it will allow us to confirm your identity if you lose access to your account.

Step 10. Submit

Step 11. Provide your Identity Verification 

*This requires one piece of government issued photo identification (front and back) that must include a clear picture of you and your address (i.e., drivers licence or passport). The second piece of identification must provide a matching name and address to the first. Further information on I.D. verification can be found here.

Once submitted, your documentation must be verified before your account is activated

Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email and be able to log into your NetCents account to load and withdraw funds and place orders on the exchange

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