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Deposit Troubleshooting


Fiat currency deposits may vary in time before they appear in your account. This depends on the funds used and the bank location that is depositing or transferring the funds. Fund transfers in CAD from within Canada are normally processed by the end of the following business day. International funds transfers in USD or EUR from accounts outside of Canada may take 10-12 business days to be processed and deposited in your account. These times are based on the required time for different financial institutions to process your deposit. When depositing funds be sure to wait the allocated time to ensure that they have been properly deposited. If the stated time has elapsed, please reach out to our support team by placing a support request. Be sure to include the amount of funds deposited, the method used, any provided reference code and the confirmation received when making the deposit through your financial institution.

Cryptocurrency deposits may not appear in your account immediately after they are deposited even though a block explorer displays a success message. Each cryptocurrency requires a set number of confirmations from the network before the funds are deposited into your account. BTC requires a total of 6 confirmations, LTC requires a total of 12 confirmations and ETH requires 30. The number of confirmations can be found on a block explorer website for your specific currency. If the required number of confirmations have not yet been reached, please wait until they have reached the required number before trying to use your deposited funds. If the required number of confirmations have been reached and the funds are still not available please reach out to our support team by placing a support request. When creating your support request be sure to include the amount and date of the transfer, the currency used, and a screenshot of the transaction confirmation from the wallet the funds were sent from or the confirmation email received for the transaction. 

*Please note that NetCents currently only supports ETH transfers to normal wallet addresses and not to Smart-Contract addresses. Please ensure to verify the type of address before sending ETH funds. *

For further information and direction on depositing funds to your NetCents account, please see our knowledge base located here. Block explorers can be found here for BTCETH and LTC.

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