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How to Purchase Digital Currency - Fast & Easy


If you’re looking for a quick way to purchase digital currency, you’re in the right place. While some of these methods may vary around the world, there should be a fast and easy way in your country.

If you’re located in Canada or Australia, you can purchase a Flexepin voucher to quickly get Canadian dollars into your NetCents Wallet. If you’re in Australia, please note that there will be a foreign currency exchange. To see the closest place to buy a Flexepin voucher, click here. Once CAD is loaded into your account you can use it to easily purchase digital currency on the exchange. To learn how to do that, click here.


Alternative eWallets
There are thousands of different eWallets in the world and you can use any of them to make a payment.
Depending on what type of eWallet you have you may be able to purchase digital currency by the following methods:

Debit Card
Some popular eWallets will allow you to buy digital currency instantly with a debit card. For example, if you have a US debit card and a Coinbase Wallet, you can link your card to your account to instantly purchase a digital currency. Other exchanges with this capability include, Bitpanda, and Bitstamp.


Cryptocurrency ATM
There may be a digital currency ATM in your city. The fastest way to check would be to search for ‘Your City Name’ + ‘Type of Digital Currency you want to Buy’ ATM. Make sure to check if your eWallet is compatible with the ATM you want to use.

To use an ATM you typically have to have an eWallet already, but some ATMs will generate a wallet address if you don’t already have one. At the atm, you would deposit cash in your local currency and the ATM would convert the amount into digital currency. You’ll be prompted to scan your eWallet address to deposit the funds. Note that fees will vary depending on the ATM, typical fees are between 5 and 10%.



Credit Card
Similar to the debit card, some exchanges let you instantly purchase digital currency with your credit card. You’ll need to double-check what the fees are with your exchange. Coinmama for example charges an additional 5% for using a credit card. This is on top of their regular fee which is 3.9%.

Some credit card companies consider the purchase of digital currency to be a type of cash advance, so you should confirm the fees associated with this.


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